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List of the armar error and warning messages

Lists the error and warning messages that armar produces.

L6800U: Out of memory
L6825E: Reading archive '<archive>' : <reason>
L6826E: '<archive>' not in archive format
L6827E: '<archive>': malformed symbol table
L6828E : '<archive>': malformed string table
L6829E: '<archive>': malformed archive (at offset <offset>)
L6830E: Writing archive '<archive>' : <reason>
L6831E: '<member>' not present in archive '<archive>'
L6832E: Archive '<archive>' not found : <reason>
L6833E: File '<filename>' does not exist
L6835E: Reading file '<filename>' : <reason>
L6836E: '<filename>' already exists, so will not be extracted
L6838E: No archive specified
L6839E: One of the actions -[<actions>] must be specified
L6840E: Only one action option may be specified
L6841E: Position '<position>' not found
L6842E: Filename '<filename>' too long for file system
L6843E: Writing file '<filename>' : <reason>
L6874W: Minor variants of archive member '<member>' include no base variant

Minor variants of the same function exist within a library. Find the two equivalent objects and remove one of them.

L6875W: Adding non-ELF object '<filename>' to archive '<name>'