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Filters the list of sections that are displayed in the main section-by-section output from --text. It does not affect any additional output after the main section-by-section output.



Where section_name is the name of the section to be displayed.

You can:

  • Use wildcard characters ? and * for a section name.

  • Use multiple --only options to specify additional sections to display.


The following examples show how to use --only:

  • To display only the symbol table, .symtab, from the section-by-section output, enter:

    fromelf --only=.symtab --text -s test.axf

  • To display all ERn sections, enter:

    fromelf --only=ER? test.axf

  • To display the HEAP section and all symbol and string table sections, enter:

    fromelf --only=HEAP --only=.*tab --text -s -t test.axf