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Produces Motorola 32-bit format (32-bit S-records) output. It generates one output file for an image containing multiple load regions.

You can specify the base address of the output with the --base option.


The following restrictions apply:

  • Not supported for AArch64 state.
  • You cannot use this option with object files.
  • You must use --output with this option.

Considerations when using --m32combined

If you convert an ELF image containing multiple load regions to a binary format, fromelf creates an output directory named destination and generates one binary output file for all load regions in the input image. fromelf places the output file in the destination directory.

ELF images contain multiple load regions if, for example, they are built with a scatter file that defines more than one load region.


To create a single Motorola 32-bit format output file, outfile2.bin, from an image file infile2.axf, with two load regions, and with a start address of 0x1000, enter:

fromelf --m32combined --base=0x1000 --output=outfile2.bin infile2.axf