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Enables you to specify the elements of an ELF object that you want to appear in the textual output. The output includes ELF header and section information.


You can use this option only in text mode.



Where option is one of:


Prints global and static data addresses (including addresses for structure and union contents). It has the same effect as --text -a.

This option can only be used on files containing debug information. If no debug information is present, a warning message is generated.

Use the --select option to output a subset of the data addresses.

If you want to view the data addresses of arrays, expanded both inside and outside structures, use the --expandarrays option with this text category.

Prints the contents of the build attributes section in human-readable form for standard build attributes or raw hexadecimal form for nonstandard build attributes. The produces the same output as the --decode_build_attributes option.

Disassembles code, alongside a dump of the original binary data being disassembled and the addresses of the instructions. It has the same effect as --text -c.


Unlike --disassemble, the disassembly cannot be input to the assembler.
Prints contents of the data sections. It has the same effect as --text -d.
Modifies the output information of data sections so that symbol definitions are interleaved.
Prints debug information. It has the same effect as --text -g.
Prints dynamic segment contents. It has the same effect as --text -y.

Decodes AArch32 exception table information for objects. It has the same effect as --text -e.


Prints the contents of FRAME directives in disassembled code as specified by the debug information embedded in an object module.

Use this option with --disassemble.

Prints the contents of the Global Offset Table (GOT) section.

Prints heading comments at the beginning of the disassembly containing tool and command-line information from .comment sections.

Use this option with --disassemble.

Prints the contents of the build attributes section in raw hexadecimal form, that is, in the same form as data.
Prints relocation information. It has the same effect as --text -r.
Prints the string tables. It has the same effect as --text -t.
Prints a summary of the segments and sections in a file. It is the default output of fromelf --text. However, the summary is suppressed by some --info options. Use --emit summary to explicitly re-enable the summary, if required.

Prints symbols in disassembled code and data annotated with comments containing the respective property information.

Use this option with --disassemble.

Prints the symbol and versioning tables. It has the same effect as --text -s.

Prints disassembled executables or shared libraries segment by segment even if it has a link view.

Use this option with --disassemble.

You can specify multiple options in one option followed by a comma-separated list of arguments.