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Arm Compiler armlink User Guide : --eager_load_debug, --no_eager_load_debug

--eager_load_debug, --no_eager_load_debug

Manages how armlink loads debug section data.


The --no_eager_load_debug option causes the linker to remove debug section data from memory after object loading. This lowers the peak memory usage of the linker at the expense of some linker performance, because much of the debug data has to be loaded again when the final image is written.

Using --no_eager_load_debug option does not affect the debug data that is written into the ELF file.

The default is --eager_load_debug.


If you use some command-line options, such as --map, the resulting image or object built without debug information might differ by a small number of bytes. This is because the .comment section contains the linker command line used, where the options have differed from the default. Therefore --no_eager_load_debug images are a little larger and contain Program Header and possibly a section header a small number of bytes later. Use --no_comment_section to eliminate this difference.