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armasm support for the CSDB instruction

For conditional CSDB instructions that specify a condition {c} other than AL in A32, and for any condition {c} used inside an IT block in T32, then armasm rejects conditional CSDB instructions, outputs an error message, and aborts.

For example:

  • For A32 code:
    "test2.s", line 4: Error: A1895E: The specified condition results in UNPREDICTABLE behaviour
    					4 00000000   CSDBEQ
  • For T32 code:
    "test2.s", line 8: Error: A1603E: This instruction inside IT block has UNPREDICTABLE results
    					8 00000006   CSDBEQ

You can relax this behavior by using:

  • The --diag-suppress=1895 option for A32 code.
  • The --diag-suppress=1603 option for T32 code.

You can also use the --unsafe option with these options. However, this option disables many correctness checks.