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About the ARM Compiler toolchain assemblers

The ARM® Compiler toolchain provides different assemblers.

They are:

  • The freestanding legacy assembler, armasm. Use armasm to assemble existing A64, A32, and T32 assembly language code written in ARM syntax.
  • The armclang integrated assembler. Use this to assemble assembly language code written in GNU syntax.
  • An optimizing inline assembler built into armclang. Use this to assemble assembly language code written in GNU syntax that is used inline in C or C++ source code.


This book only applies to armasm. For information on armclang, see the armclang Reference Guide.


Be aware of the following:
  • Generated code might be different between two ARM Compiler releases.
  • For a feature release, there might be significant code generation differences.


The command-line option descriptions and related information in the individual ARM Compiler tools documents describe all the features that ARM Compiler supports. Any features not documented are not supported and are used at your own risk. You are responsible for making sure that any generated code using community features is operating correctly.