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__attribute__((naked)) function attribute

This attribute tells the compiler that the function is an embedded assembly function. You can write the body of the function entirely in assembly code using __asm statements.

The compiler does not generate prologue and epilogue sequences for functions with __attribute__((naked)).

The compiler only supports basic __asm statements in __attribute__((naked)) functions. Using extended assembly, parameter references or mixing C code with __asm statements might not work reliably.

Example 3-1 Examples

__attribute__((naked)) int add(int i, int j); /* Declaring a function with __attribute__((naked)). */

__attribute__((naked)) int add(int i, int j)
    __asm("ADD r0, r1, #1"); /* Basic assembler statements are supported. */

/*  Parameter references are not supported inside naked functions: */
/*  __asm (
    "ADD r0, %[input_i], %[input_j]"       /* Assembler statement with parameter references */
    :                                      /* Output operand parameter */
    : [input_i] "r" (i), [input_j] "r" (j) /* Input operand parameter */

/*  Mixing C code is not supported inside naked functions: */
/*  int res = 0;
    return res;