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Introducing Neon for Armv8-A

This guide introduces Arm Neon technology, the Advanced SIMD (Single Instruction Multiple Data) architecture extension for processors that implement the Armv8–A or Armv8–R architecture profiles.

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Compiling for Neon with Auto-Vectorization

This guide shows how to use auto-vectorization features in your compiler to automatically generate code containing  Advanced SIMD instructions.

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Optimizing C Code with Neon Intrinsics

This guide shows how to use Neon intrinsics in your C code to take advantage of the Advanced SIMD technology in the Armv8 architecture. 

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Neon Intrinsics Chromium Case Study

This guide shows how Neon technology has been used to improve performance in the real-world: specifically, in the open source Chromium project.

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Coding for Neon

This guide provides information about how to write SIMD code for Neon using assembly language. This guide will grow and evolve over time. The first installment of the guide begins by looking at memory operations, and how to use the flexible load and store with permute instructions.

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