Learn more about Arm Helium technology with our series of guides. From the fundamentals to more advanced concepts, these guides provide an introduction to the M-profile Vector Extension (MVE) for the Arm Cortex-M series processors. Check back regularly for new guides and resources.

Introduction to Helium

This guide introduces Arm Helium technology, the Advanced SIMD (Single Instruction Multiple Data) architecture extension for processors that implement the Armv8–M architecture profile.

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Coding for Helium

This guide provides information and examples for software programmers who want to use Arm Helium technology.

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Migrating to Helium from Neon

This guide aims to help anyone migrating existing vector processing code that uses Neon intrinsics to Helium intrinsics.
We will look at Neon code examples of varying complexity and investigate how to migrate this Neon code to Helium. 

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